Unregister a Class

Within the first 2 weeks of a new semester, what we call open registration period (ORP), parents and studenst are allowed to unregister a class they previously registered with full refund.

After ORP, unregistration is not allowed unless under special conditions, for example, unexpected family move. Any unregistrations after ORP have to be done by CCS Registration Team (registration@carycs.org).

The process below applies whenever the regsitration is open to public.

  1. Log into CCS Online Registration System.

  2. Click "Class registrations" link.


  3. Click "Class" dropdown button next to the class you would like to unregister and select "Unregister".


  4. Press button "Yes, Unregister this class" to confirm. Or if you change your mind at this moment, you can press "No, cancel this action" to keep the registration.