Switch a Class

Within the first 2 weeks of a new semester, what we call open registration period (ORP), parents and studenst are allowed to switch to another class.

After ORP, class switching is not allowed. Special requests can be directed to CCS Registration Team (registration@carycs.org).

The process below applies whenever the regsitration is open to public.

  1. Log into CCS Online Registration System.

  2. Click "Class registrations" link.


  3. Click "Class" dropdown button next to the class you would like to change and select "Switch".


  4. Select the new class from the dropdown list, and press "Switch!" button to confirm. In this example, a student is switched from "ZhongWen Grade 8" to "Ma LiPing Grade 8". If you change your mind at this moment, press "Cancel the action and go back" button to keep your existing registration.


  5. On successful switch, you should be able to see confirmation like this.